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Warnings indicate when the status of a JIRA issue doesn't reflect related development activity. For example: an issue marked complete that has an open pull request should be marked as still being in progress.

Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

BlockerBugLDEV-2878LAMS 2.4 changes to initialiseLesson break integrationsAndrey BalanClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-2874IMS CP support broken in Share Resources, e-Adventure and possible in IMSCC tooAndrey BalanClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-2884A foreign key constraint affects Live EditErnie GhiglioneClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-2911Blackboard integration: IE doesn't render the add lesson page properlAndrey BalanClosed3 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-2938Loosing markers in authoringAndrey BalanClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-2946Notifications windows doesn't show in Greek languageAndrey BalanClosed19 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-2955JQuery gallery not workingAndrey BalanClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3004Unable to add/remove users to a lesson from MonitorErnie GhiglioneClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3017Conditional lessons not working Ernie GhiglioneClosed4 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3029New create lesson wizard doesn't set any time limitationsErnie GhiglioneClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3050MCQ access to view individual response from monitor throws an exceptionAndrey BalanClosed4 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3064Force complete problemErnie GhiglioneClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3090MCQ answers in Assessment get extra \\\ characters when accessed from monitorAndrey BalanClosed4 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3134LIve edit remove previous tool sessions and users?Ernie GhiglioneClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3148Notebook throws a nullpointer exception when using mobile interface [IMPORTANT]Andrey BalanClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3150Assessment autosave not longer savingAndrey BalanClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3166When two users try to be leaders, when you get to scratchie an exception shows for the non-leaderAndrey BalanClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3241Saving scratchie gives an exceptionAndrey BalanClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3256No answers show in MonitorAndrey BalanClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-3278Cannot open branching in monitorErnie GhiglioneClosed12 commits
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