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Release: 20/Nov/09

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Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

CriticalBugLDEV-2448Students in Moodle get Author and Monitor access to LAMS Jun-Dir LiewClosed6 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-2459Q&A - after hitting the the Next button nothing happens in the Preview modeErnie GhiglioneClosed6 commits
MajorBugLDEV-1875When moving a folder, backend shouldn't allow a folder to become its own parentJun-Dir LiewClosed3 commits
MajorSub-taskLDEV-2152Next activity iconErnie GhiglioneClosed87 commits
MajorBugLDEV-2436Wiki breaks for random number of groupsJun-Dir LiewClosed3 commits
MajorBugLDEV-2438Support activities when opened from integrations throws an exceptionJun-Dir LiewClosed3 commits
MajorBugLDEV-2439Concurrency problem with LessonJoinServletJun-Dir LiewClosed3 commits
MajorBugLDEV-2441Markers variable doesn't exist if no google key is presentErnie GhiglioneClosed3 commits
MajorBugLDEV-2444Null pointer when export summaryJun-Dir LiewClosed3 commits
MajorImprovementLDEV-2445Event service sql query hangsErnie GhiglioneClosed4 commits
MajorBugLDEV-2447International chars in first name/last name fields not saved properly on Windows serverErnie GhiglioneClosed5 commits
MajorBugLDEV-2461Learner search displays monitor link for all monitors not just specific lesson staffErnie GhiglioneClosed3 commits
MajorBugLDEV-2462French characters cause errors in gradebookLuke FoxtonClosed3 commits
MajorTaskLDEV-2466Change hibernate id generator from increment to nativeErnie GhiglioneClosed3 commits
MajorBugLDEV-2468Integration user callback fields not read as UTF8Ernie GhiglioneClosed6 commits
MinorBugLDEV-2458Exception when revisiting completed MCQ and clicking 'next activity'Ernie GhiglioneClosed3 commits
MinorBugLDEV-2460HomeAction error page points to non-existent tileErnie GhiglioneClosed3 commits
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