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Release: 05/Sep/08

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Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

CriticalBugLDEV-1835Mutliple branches allowed to and from activityMitchell SeatonClosed4 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-1840Branch mappings disappearing for a branch inside an opt sequence inside an opt sequenceMitchell SeatonClosed2 commits
CriticalBugLDEV-1843Problems dragging a branching activity into an optional activityMitchell SeatonClosed2 commits
MajorNew FeatureLDEV-1662Summary page: should display a summary of the Advanced features entered in AuthorAndrey BalanClosed42 commits
MajorNew FeatureLDEV-1726After starting a new lesson, have a "Add another lesson button"Mitchell SeatonClosed2 commits
MajorImprovementLDEV-1740Change the double click behaviour for not accessed sequences within an optional sequence Daniel CarlierClosed4 commits
MajorBugLDEV-1789Removing grouping from an activity in an optional sequence doesn't change icon appearanceDaniel CarlierClosed2 commits
MajorImprovementLDEV-1798Gray out tasks you can't yet completeAndrey BalanClosed2 commits
MajorBugLDEV-1814Entry door doesn't stay where savedMitchell SeatonClosed2 commits
MajorBugLDEV-1827Attempting to save a desing to the Lesson Sequence Folder causes a system errorDaniel CarlierClosed2 commits
MajorBugLDEV-1831Add I18N label for input tool drop-down in property inspectorMitchell SeatonClosed4 commits
MajorBugLDEV-1832Task List won't complete in Run Offline modeAndrey BalanClosed2 commits
MajorBugLDEV-1834Add I18N label for Branch/Transition drawing errorsMitchell SeatonClosed4 commits
MajorSub-taskLDEV-1837Parallel inside Optional Sequence not retaining grouping reference in PIDaniel CarlierClosed2 commits
MajorImprovementLDEV-1849PDF files under lams-www.war/secure not viewable under IEFiona MalikoffClosed4 commits
MajorBugLDEV-1855Files have duplicate nodes in the workspace dialogDaniel CarlierClosed3 commits
MajorSub-taskLDEV-1862Pass the course_id or course_url to tool adaptersDaniel CarlierClosed2 commits
MajorImprovementLDEV-1863Tool Adapter .LRN Forum: implement clone methodErnie GhiglioneClosed4 commits
MajorTaskLDEV-1864Tool Adapter .LRN Forum: hide instances of .LRN Forum used for LAMSErnie GhiglioneClosed2 commits
MajorTaskLDEV-1866Tool Adapter .LRN Forum: changes to .LRN forum authoring page to use the toolcontentIdErnie GhiglioneClosed2 commits
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