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Chat rooms don't automatically move if switch jabber server


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Won't Fix
    • Affects Version/s: 2.0 Beta 1
    • Fix Version/s: 2.4
    • Component/s: Tool Chat
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      The full name of the jabber room (e.g. 1153038723507@conference.shaun.melcoe.mq.edu.au) is stored in the chat session record. If you have to reconfigure LAMS to point to a different jabber server, none of the existing chat sessions work as it tries to access a chat room that doesn't exist.

      To Reproduce:
      * Start LAMS point to a jabber server (e.g. Shaun).
      * Start a lesson with a chat activity and have a user enter the chat room and post something.
      * Shutdown LAMS and change the chat server in lams.xm (e.g. to localhost)
      * Restart LAMS, log back into the lesson. Running chat results in an authorisation exception.

      The code
      // Create the room if it doesnt exist
      if (chatSession.getJabberRoom() == null) {
      in LearnerAction detects the name of the jabber room from the LAMS database and so doesn't try to create it.

      Possible ideas on fixing this:
      * Modify the learner code so that it checks that the room exists. If it doesn't exist then it tries to create a new room and updates the session record in the database (this may have synchronisation issues if multiple users try to start chat at the same time).
      * Create an admin option that will modify the chat room names in the database
      * Stop using separate chat rooms (on the Jabber server) and keep the user's logically separated into rooms on the LAMS level. If we do this, then we can't use other Jabber clients to participate in LAMS chats. Note: using other Jabber clients raises a whole pile of issues such as what is the username/password created automatically by LAMS, the LAMS chat client purposely only offers restricted functionality but other clients will have the full chat functionality.


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