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Release Notes - LAMS Development - Version 2.3.5 - HTML format


  • [LDEV-2390] - Empty individual report in Assessment tool monitor
  • [LDEV-2396] - Exception being thrown in DimDim tool (Server version not defined)
  • [LDEV-2479] - Learner progress bar bounces back and forth endlessly trying to fit in the container
  • [LDEV-2481] - Export portfolio problems with UTF8 characters
  • [LDEV-2484] - Learner's tab only shows one student (only one row)
  • [LDEV-2508] - Unpredictable hibernate batch update exception
  • [LDEV-2522] - Exception on planner preview
  • [LDEV-2523] - Trim lesson name to 254 characters
  • [LDEV-2528] - Equation editor: + signs turn as +
  • [LDEV-2532] - Click "Back" button in Editor shows a different page display
  • [LDEV-2535] - Voting exception at importing sequences
  • [LDEV-2540] - Unable to find 'definelater' forward
  • [LDEV-2541] - Missing labels and redundant warnings on topic message limits
  • [LDEV-2543] - Delete temporary files page doesn't display
  • [LDEV-2546] - Deletion of topics may lead to exception throwing
  • [LDEV-2547] - Wrong hibernate annotations in ConfigurationItem class
  • [LDEV-2549] - Unable to save condition
  • [LDEV-2551] - Deletion of topics in monitoring leads to exception throwing
  • [LDEV-2552] - CS wizard in Q&A display problem
  • [LDEV-2553] - Staff user not connecting to Chat room session
  • [LDEV-2555] - ICT server can't add new users into subgroups
  • [LDEV-2558] - Group Admin gets added to lessons by default
  • [LDEV-2559] - Renaming sequences in Author in Greek produces garbage characters
  • [LDEV-2562] - Summary page in Learner not showing other people's submissions
  • [LDEV-2624] - Impossible to upload several instruction files
  • [LDEV-2704] - Can't delete learning designs due to constraints with logs
  • [LDEV-2719] - LoginRequestServlet does not log in new user properly if other user has been authenticated before
  • [LDEV-2772] - Exceptions being thrown on Q&A's learner export portfolio
  • [LDEV-2799] - Kaltura plugin doesn't work with IE9


  • [LDEV-2089] - Email messaging
  • [LDEV-2509] - Embedded SMTP server
  • [LDEV-2524] - Add an option to make answers compulsory to Q&A questions
  • [LDEV-2525] - Include a minimum number of votes option
  • [LDEV-2530] - Change lesson completion page
  • [LDEV-2534] - Planner previews to be hidden (or not displayed in the users' personal folder)
  • [LDEV-2539] - Allow activities to fetch lesson data via toolSessionID
  • [LDEV-2556] - Enable ToolTip to be themed
  • [LDEV-2708] - Set access logs to combined
  • [LDEV-2711] - Access gradebook via LoginRequest

New Feature

  • [LDEV-1743] - Be able to remove/update and change order of threads
  • [LDEV-2489] - Clone lessons ability
  • [LDEV-2507] - If IM enabled, a button to jump into it from Monitor is required
  • [LDEV-2531] - Decouple timezones from geographic location
  • [LDEV-2544] - Default Timezones
  • [LDEV-2545] - Deliver email messages to students/teachers on forum postings
  • [LDEV-2548] - Ability for a course manager to see *all* lessons...
  • [LDEV-2550] - Develop new event logging mechanism
  • [LDEV-2561] - Group management: remove people from courses/groups
  • [LDEV-2626] - Re-code Moodle 2 integration


  • [LDEV-2519] - Admin user edit page missing some fields
  • [LDEV-2538] - Check that server's default enable_flash setting is respected when new users are created


  • [LDEV-2627] - Add activity completion based on student lesson completion
  • [LDEV-2630] - Enable preview button
  • [LDEV-2631] - Use YUI libs and CSS from moodle
  • [LDEV-2633] - On update a CM don't create a new lesson if the sequence is not changed
  • [LDEV-2634] - Make sure logs are logging properly on events
  • [LDEV-2635] - Add Moodle ratings
  • [LDEV-2636] - Gradebook integration
  • [LDEV-2637] - Show public folder when creating a lesson
  • [LDEV-2640] - Teachers can't see learner button

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